Capitol Corner Update
March 2021


The State Legislature reconvened on January 11, 2021 for the 2021-2022 legislative session in Sacramento. As this is the first year of the biennial session, lawmakers and stakeholders, like CALBO, have a clean slate to consider and vet new legislative proposals. Over the interim since last year, CALBO has met with various stakeholders to address upcoming bills that will impact our industry and local communities. Although we hear that it will be a “quiet” year legislatively as the pandemic continues to dominate lawmakers time, of the over 2,000 bills introduced thus far, our work is cut out for us.

Starting this week, both legislative houses will begin policy committee hearings, as many bills were introduced in January and February. These hearings will be held in a condensed timeframe this year due to strict COVID-19 guidelines and the lack of socially distanced hearing rooms available. While in-person access to these upcoming hearings will be very limited, CALBO will remain vigilant and well represented.   

CALBO continues to focus on the policy areas of wildfire mitigation, affordable and alternative housing, and in addition to the safety of the public. To read more about CALBO’s legislative efforts, please visit the CALBO Legislative webpage, which is updated in real-time while the state legislature is in session. For a full overview of CALBO bills of interest, you can also reference our Online Bill Reports.