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Your CALBO Membership is up for renewal. Our fiscal year runs from April 1 through March 31. To renew your 2015-2016 CALBO membership, click on the link below. We look forward to the endless possibilities of a new year!

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Register Now for the Building Officials Leadership Academy!

The 2015-2016 Building Officials Leadership Academy registration and program information is now available! 


This intensive program is designed to maximize the leadership capabiltiies of seasoned public safety professionals, in addition to those who seek a future within California's building departments. Registration is limited, so don't wait! Join current and upcoming leaders for this opportunity.

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2015 CALBO Leadership and Advocacy Day

The 2015 CALBO Leadership and Advocacy Day will take place on May 6, 2015 in Sacramento. CALBO Class I members are invited to participate in planned meetings and other activities at the State Capital. Please join us to represent your jurisdiction and showcase your local building department.  

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Order Now - The newest CALBO Publications on California State Laws Enforced by Building Departments and California Historical Building Code are now available for purchase! Don't miss out on these great resources. 


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Latest News


January 20, 2015

The NEW on-line bill search allows building officials a real-time way to follow CALBO’s position on critical State legislation during the 2015 session.  Beginning on February 1, simply click on CALBO’s LEGISLATIVE WATCH for the latest Bills of Interest and most recent actions.  Although the official Legislative Bill Session has not begun, CALBO is already tracking AB 18 (Disaster Relief: South Napa), AB 52, 54 and SB 67 (Construction Related Accessibility Claims), and SB 7 (Water Meters for multiunit structures).   


The CALBO Training Institute will host Solar Photovoltaic Systems taught by Bill Brooks of Brooks Engineering in Patterson, California. This course will help counter techicians, plan checkers, and field inspectors to better understand the intent and changes to the 2013 California Electrical Code Article 690 - Solar Photovoltaic Systems. Details will also be provided on the new requirements of AB2188 and straightforward ways to understand and comply with these new requirements. 

Course information and registration now available!


March 11, 2015
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