What’s Next for ADUs?


As a Building Official, Plans Examiner, or Inspector, you are expected to know how to apply the codes to best serve and protect the public. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are a common housing trend that has grown in popularity among the public, state agencies, developers, and the legislature. So be ready for what’s ahead!

California Accessory Dwelling Units of Today and Tomorrow: What We’ve Seen and What’s to Come – 0.6 CEUs
Education Week Ontario - Thursday, October 28

Why is this code topic important to every code official?

  • ADUs are used to create affordable and flexible housing options, specifically in high-density areas.
  • ​The California Health and Safety Code (HSC), Section 65583(c)(7), requires that cities and counties develop a plan that incentivizes and promotes the creation of ADUs that can be offered at affordable rent for very-low to moderate-income households.
  • ​The rise in California legislation, including funding laws and local ordinances, making it easier for local ADU development.
  • ADU permits in California rose from 6,000 in 2018 to nearly 16,000 in 2019.
  • Almost 9,000 California ADUs were built from 2018-2019.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Recent history of and emerging trends of ADUs in California.
  • Examples of attached and detached accessory structures, junior accessory dwelling units (JADUs), garage conversions, granny flats, and much more.
  • How ADUs are distinguishable from other types of new alternative housing styles.
  • Conventional construction requirements and prescriptive structural and non-structural requirements for ADUs.
  • California laws related to ADUs to understand local jurisdiction authority to regulate these structures.
  • New resources and checklist examples created by building departments throughout California.

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