Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is responsible for reviewing and providing a CALBO position on proposed legislation that impacts building officials. The Legislative Committee relies heavily upon the services of CALBO’s staff to monitor such legislation. On occasion, Committee members may be called upon to rally the support of other building officials in their area to support or oppose specific legislation. The Committee’s business is conducted via teleconferences that are held several times per year. Frequently, these teleconferences are scheduled with short notice due to the rapidly changing environment that characterizes the legislative process in Sacramento. On rare occasions, a member may be asked to attend and testify at a legislative hearing to represent the interests of CALBO. Please contact Katie Almand, CALBO Government Affairs Manager, with any questions via email or phone at 916-457-1103.

Committee Goals

  1. Develop a three-tiered approach to analyzing legislative bills to include the CALBO Executive Committee, CALBO Board of Directors, and CALBO Policy Committees.
  2. Reach out to International Code Council chapter presidents to participate in and consider developing a chapter leadership component to Leadership and Advocacy Day.
  3. Increase membership participation in the legislative process through providing letter templates and other outreach resources.