Capitol Corner Update

Article Katie Almand Government Affairs Manager

Legislative Bills No Longer in Suspense

Last Friday, both the California Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees heard bills on their prospective Suspense Files. As background, the Appropriations Committee is responsible for “appropriating” money in the state budget for all of the measures moving through the Legislature. This year alone, over 3,000 bills were introduced, and most of those bills would have a fiscal impact on the state budget. The Appropriations Committee is then responsible for moving bills based on their fiscal impact.

Article Katie AlmandGovernment Affairs Manager

Capitol Corner Spring 2018

On Wednesday, April 18, CALBO members convened at the State Capitol to advocate and educate members of the state legislature on behalf of our organization. CALBO members met Legislators and staff not only to discuss CALBO’s top legislative priorities, but also to highlight who we are and what we do. In their meetings, members discussed the following measures that are currently moving through the Capitol.