Emergency Preparedness, Response, Recovery


Emergency Preparedness, Response, Recovery


CALBO SAP Mutual Aide Guide (Updated July 2018)
CALBO SAP Cue Card (Updated July 2018)
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for CalOES & Jurisdictions (Updated Nov 2016)
Guidance for Barricading, Cordoning, Evaluating and Stabilizing Buildings with Substantial Damage in Disasters - Published July
SAP Go Kit Checklist (Updated November 2018)

Helpful Links

Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) link
CalOES Safety Assessment Program (SAP)
CalOES Regional Operations Contacts (Coastal, Inland, Southern)
CalOES (6) Local Emergency Planning Districts Contacts
CalOES (4) Operational Area Contacts
CalOES Debris Management
Integrated Waste Disaster Plan (Planning, Declarations, Debris)
CalOES Grants and Funding
Structural Engineers Association OC Earthquake Safety Info
USGS Earthquake Program

Post-Disaster Recovery Resources – City of Santa Rosa Examples
*The documents below are meant to serve as samples for California building departments to review in the development of their own post-disaster recovery resources. The CALBO Emergency Preparedness Committee is currently developing such customizable resources for the CALBO Community.

Ordinance Example - City of Santa Rosa Resource
Residential Building Permit Checklist - City of Santa Rosa Resource
Smoke Damage Assessment, Procedures and Information - City of Santa Rosa Resource
Process for Addressing Fire Damaged Structures - City of Santa Rosa Resource
Helping Our Community Rebuild City Zoning Guide - City of Santa Rosa Resource

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CALBO/Cal OES Safety Assessment Program Update – Updated Maps

Our communities depend on certified building and safety professionals, licensed architects, and licensed engineers to identify and mitigate anticipatable hazards in our built environment.

As certified building inspectors, plans examiners, and building officials, as well as licensed architects and engineers, our roles in a post-disaster environment shift from mitigating, to limiting post-disaster emergency shelter needs and expediting post-disaster recovery for our communities.


2019 CALBO Annual Business Meeting Presentation Documents

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Helpful Documents
Emergency Management Mutual Aid Plan - Deployment Checklist
Incident Action Planning Guide (Updated 2012)
National Incident Management System (Updated 2017)
Inland Region Operational Area Assignments (Updated April 2018)
SEMS Brochure (Updated May 2014)
Emergency Management Mutual Aid Sample Pre/Post-Event Agreement
SEMS Guidelines
Disaster Declaration Process
Planning Phase Guide
WEB EOC Quick Reference Card
Initial Damage Estimate

Disaster Recovery Assistance Sample Documents
Sample Handout - Foundation Memo
Flow Chart - I Live in the Fire Area: What Do I Need to Do?
Disaster Recovery Assistance and Service
Sample Demo Packet
OSFM Rebuilding After a Wildfire
Sample Firestrom FAQ's
Sample Northern California Fire Emergency Response Handout
Sample FEMA Disaster Aid Handout
Sample Permit Process Handout
Sample Temporary Dwelling/Accessory Structure Application

Helpful Training Tools and Information
Alerts and Warnings Handout
Deployment Job Aid - Safety Assessment Program Evaluator
FEMA Independent Study Program Course Brochure (Updated March 2018)
Safety Assessment Program Reporting Checklist
Sample FEMA Field Preparations Checklist
Building a Disaster Supply List
Debris Prep Tool Assessment
Sample Initial Damage Assessment Form (Updated June 2016)
Disaster Service Worker Status Handout
Instructions for Completing the Detailed Evaluation Form
Instructions for Completing the Revised Rapid Evaluation Form
Family Communication Plan Card
Individual Assistance Damage Assessment Level Guidelines
Sample Disaster Preparedness Checklist
SAP Evaluator Go Kit Checklist
American Red Cross Emergency Contact Card
FEMA Family Emergency Plan Contact Card
Southern California Preparedness Foundation Suggested Items for 72-Hour (Grab and Go) Emergency Preparedness Kit
California Public Employee Disaster Service Workers Handout
Social Media for Government Toolkit
FEMA - An Introduction to Building Codes for Property Owners
Building Assessment Safety Checklist Handout
CAL EMA NIMS Compliance Training Reference Chart
NIMS Training Matrix Guidance
NIMS Cal OES Compliant Training Reference Chart
Sample Letter NIMS Cal OES Compliant Training Reference Chart
SEMS Guidelines
Guidance for Estimating Percent Damage for Non-Residential Structure
Substantial Damage in the Disaster Recovery Environment
FEMA National Incident Management System Guideline for Mutual Aid
FEMA NIMS Training Program FAQs
FEMA NIMS Training Program FAQs
Sample Fire Recovery e-File Policy

Resources and Frequently Asked Questions
Creating a Healthy Home - A Field Guide for Clean-up of Flooded Homes
Historic Preservations Disaster Checklist (Updated 2015)
Recovering from Disaster
American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Basic Preparedness
Checklist of Damage Assessment Process (Updated 2014)
Checklist for Coordinators - Agenda Debrief
Disaster Assessment Professional Resource Matrix
FEMA Emergency Supply List
Sample Press Release
Create a Plan - Disaster Service Worker Example
What is a State of Emergency FAQs
Your Family Disaster Supplies & Preparedness Calendar