Emergency Preparedness, Response, Recovery


Emergency Preparedness, Response, Recovery


CALBO SAP Mutual Aide Guide (Updated July 2018)
SAP Callout Instructions for CALBO Regional Coordinators & B.O. (Updated Nov 2016)
CALBO Sections and Contact Information for SAP Coordinators & Evaluators (Updated Nov 2016)
Damage Assessment Document for SAP Participant Guide (Updated Nov 2016)
CALBO SAP Cue Card (Updated July 2018)
SAP Go Kit Checklist (Updated Nov 2016)
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for CalOES & Jurisdictions (Updated Nov 2016)
Repair & Reconstruction Ordinance, December 2010
Guidance for Barricading, Cordoning, Evaluating and Stabilizing Buildings with Substantial Damage in Disasters - Published July

Helpful Links

Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) link
CalOES Safety Assessment Program (SAP)
CalOES Regional Operations Contacts (Coastal, Inland, Southern)
CalOES (6) Local Emergency Planning Districts Contacts
CalOES (4) Operational Area Contacts
CalOES Debris Management
Integrated Waste Disaster Plan (Planning, Declarations, Debris)
CalOES Grants and Funding
Structural Engineers Association OC Earthquake Safety Info
USGS Earthquake Program

Post-Disaster Recovery Resources – City of Santa Rosa Examples
*The documents below are meant to serve as samples for California building departments to review in the development of their own post-disaster recovery resources. The CALBO Emergency Preparedness Committee is currently developing such customizable resources for the CALBO Community.

Ordinance Example - City of Santa Rosa Resource
Residential Building Permit Checklist - City of Santa Rosa Resource
Smoke Damage Assessment, Procedures and Information - City of Santa Rosa Resource
Process for Addressing Fire Damaged Structures - City of Santa Rosa Resource
Helping Our Community Rebuild City Zoning Guide - City of Santa Rosa Resource