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CALBO Listserve: Share What’s (Not) Working for Your Agency
We must learn from and lean on one another during this time.

Dear CALBO Colleague,

As the world continues to respond to the COVID-19 health emergency, California building departments will continue to be of vital importance to local economies and overall public safety. Governor Newsom has declared housing construction as an essential service that will continue during the Shelter in Place Order. We must remember to do all we can for our industry colleagues as we develop and operate with new, localized policies to continue to work with the public.

California Building Officials (CALBO) encourages you to share stories on the Building Department listserve (click here for directions and guidance) on how your agency is responding to this crisis, along with tips or strategies that you are finding that work (or don’t) for telecommuting, electronic processing and remote inspections.

Below are examples of what building departments are sharing with their peers. CALBO thanks all jurisdictions for their efforts on all fronts.

City of Stockton

City of Turlock

City of Carmel-by-the-Sea

We look forward to connecting with you in the digital realm as we face many new and upcoming challenges over the next months. We must learn from and lean on one another during this time.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to contact the CALBO Office at 916-457-1103 or We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm.


CALBO Listserve: An Online Communication Platform for Our Community
A Vital Resource During this Health Emergency

Dear CALBO Colleague,

Over the weekend, Californians received new guidance from Governor Newsom regarding the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). California Building Officials (CALBO) will continue to monitor this health emergency and take action as needed. To protect the health and safety of all, the CALBO Board of Directors has taken action by rescheduling in person CALBO sponsored events over the next six weeks and urges members to stay up-to-date on health recommendations.

As municipalities create localized policies to combat the virus, CALBO recommends that jurisdictions follow guidance issued by local government and health authorities in their communities, but also urges members to utilize one with one another as a vital resource during this transition.

CALBO strives to ensure an open line of communication between its members at all times, year-round, through the Building Department Listserve (click here for directions and guidance), a collaborative effort between CALBO and the League of California Cities. Please utilize this online platform to reach out to your Building-Safety peers with questions and for advice. Through information sharing and open communication, we will tackle this health emergency together.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to contact the CALBO Office at 916-457-1103 or We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm.


CALBO ABM in Indian Wells – POSTPONED Until Further Notice

Dear CALBO Colleague,

Like you, CALBO has been intently following the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Governor Newsom has called a state of emergency and requested that all groups, 250 or more, not congregate at this time. This applies to CALBO, and we will comply with the executive order, which means, our April 5-9, 2020 Annual Business Meeting cannot be held as scheduled.  

As background, CALBO has been working on options for our Annual Business Meeting for nearly two weeks. Cancellation, postponement, virtual options and modification have all been considered. We have sought the advice of legal counsel and we have acted accordingly. The CALBO Board met in emergency session to consider all options and decided that a postponement is the best solution.

Rest assured, CALBO is planning to hold an ABM in 2020. CALBO is committed to a simple, seamless transition to another set of dates (and perhaps venue) so that all attendees, guests, sponsors and exhibitors will not be inconvenienced or encumbered. We want to answer any and all questions that will come from our membership and ABM attendees; however, we don’t have the full plan as of yet.  

We thank you for your continued patience and the plan is coming. At this time, CALBO is attempting to move the ABM in its current format into the summer, and we are finalizing those details as we speak. Given the many questions and comments currently circulating, we wanted you to hear from CALBO.

Within the next week, you will hear the CALBO plan for the 58th Annual Business Meeting. We ask that you give us this last bit of time to finalize a workable, feasible and financially responsible plan, prior to sending out the details. Please do not reach out to cancel your attendance at the ABM, or your hotel room, quite yet. When we release the plan and schedule, we will address and seek to accommodate all requests to the best of our ability.  

The wellbeing and safety of our membership is paramount to CALBO, and we thank you for your patience and support. CALBO will be in touch.

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CALBO News Special Edition: 58th Annual Business Meeting

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