Legislative Outreach Alerts


Legislative Outreach Alerts

When priority issues need membership feedback and support, CALBO will call on our membership to engage their own representatives to address local needs. When bills are heard in policy or fiscal committees, members of the Legislature will look to their own constituency and subject matter experts to provide concrete arguments. CALBO member letters and comments are always appreciated as they give valuable background and evidence, which help legislators during these critical hearings. 

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CALBO’s Advocacy Team Announces New Legislative Resources for CALBO Members

As CALBO’s Legislative Team prepares for the upcoming 2023-2024 Legislative Session, CALBO members and our local jurisdictions are preparing for recently signed legislation to officially become enacted in 2023. To help our membership prepare for the changes in law, CALBO’s Legislative Team is working on publishing a guide to the newly signed laws on the CALBO Legislative website. The goal of this effort is to provide short articles about the major laws and what they will mean for our membership on the ground.  

These articles will include specific details of the laws and provide guidance on best practices that local jurisdictions can use to assist in compliance with the law, while providing the best service to your communities. To be clear, this is not legal advice, so we strongly encourage you to reach out to your city attorneys should you have any further legal questions on the new laws. You can find all the articles here.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Brady Guertin, CALBO’s Public Affairs Manager at bguertin@calbo.org or call the CALBO office at 916-457-1103. 

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CEC Releases $20M Grant Program for Local Building Departments

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has just released a $20M grant program tailored to local jurisdictions looking to adopt an automated permitting system for residential solar energy systems.  CALBO’s Legislative Committee has been working to ensure the availability of funds to local building departments as the push for online permitting for green energy technology has become an annual discussion in Sacramento. As you may recall from last year, CALBO supported a budget appropriation for these funding opportunities and this program is a result