The Access Committee is responsible for reviewing and responding to proposed changes to State disabled access regulations. Committee members also play a major role in preparing and updating CALBO’s Residential and Nonresidential Disabled Access Guidebooks and serving as disabled access instructors for CTI. For the last several years, the Access Committee’s business has been conducted primarily via teleconferences, though generally one all-day meeting is held per year in Sacramento. 


Building & Fire Advisory

Building & Fire Advisory Committee is jointly sponsored by CALBO and the California Fire Chiefs Association. In addition, a representative of the State Fire Marshal’s Office routinely participates in meetings. The purpose of the Building & Fire Advisory Committee is to explore opportunities to enhance the ongoing working relationship between Building Officials and Fire Officials at the local jurisdiction level as well as on a statewide basis. The membership of the Committee is balanced equally between both organizations.


CALBO Training Institute

CALBO Training Institute (CTI) is the training arm of CALBO. The objective of CTI is to provide quality training to the membership with focus on California- specific codes and building departments. CTI’s secondary objective is to provide revenue for CALBO in order to fund activities for the membership. Participation on the Commission involves approximately four one- or two-day meetings per year in various locations throughout the state. In addition, CTI Commissioners often teach classes, develop new classes, and coordinate classes taught by others.


Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness Committee works with related state agencies and organizations to enhance local government and statewide emergency preparedness and response and recovery efforts following a disaster. The Committee provides policy recommendations on related matters. The Committee meets via teleconference approximately five times per year and in person at the Annual Business Meeting.

2018-19 Emergency Preparedness Committee Goals


Energy Commission Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Energy Commission (CEC) Advisory Committee is to provide input to the CEC on regulatory code development and implementation. Participation varies according to CEC activities. There may be from 4-15 workshops and commission hearings in Sacramento. The CEC publishes its standards development clearly through documents on its website. Some CEC Committee members review proposed standards language on the web and participate via emails with the chair.

2018-19 Energy Commission Advisory Committee Goals


Innovative Practices Committee

With information and electronic tools evolving on a daily basis, the charge of the CALBO Innovation & Technology Committee shall be to link the membership to current technological advancements and innovations. Using the CALBO six-point policy and mission, members of the committee shall seek to encourage the technological evolution of the local building department.

2018-19 Innovative Practices Committee Goals


Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is responsible for reviewing and providing a CALBO position on proposed legislation that impacts building officials. The Legislative Committee relies heavily upon the services of CALBO’s staff to monitor such legislation. On occasion, Committee members may be called upon to rally the support of other building officials in their area to support or oppose specific legislation. The Committee’s business is conducted via teleconferences that are held several times per year.


Outreach & Communications Committee

The Outreach & Communications Committee, in conjunction with CALBO staff, works to inform and engage members and to strengthen the image of the building official and building department team. CALBO actively works with its members and outside agencies on raising the awareness of the public at large to the important work of the building official and building department team.

2018-19 Outreach & Communications Committee Goals


State Code Committee

The primary objective of the State Code Committee is to review building code amendments as proposed by each of the state agencies to determine whether such amendments establish an appropriate minimum standard of safety, promote uniformity, and can be effectively enforced and administered at a local level.

2018-19 State Code Committee Goals


State Licensing Boards Committee

The State Licensing Boards Committee works with the California State Contractor’s Licensing Board, the Architect’s Board, and the Engineer’s Board to discuss issues of mutual interest, and to promote partnerships that further our service to the public. This is a unique committee that brings together all disciplines of a project including design, construction, inspection and occupancy. This committee provides a forum for discussion of pertinent topics and is a conduit for dissemination of information that overlaps the disciplines.


Structural Safety Committee

The objective of the Structural Safety Committee is to assist CALBO in the application of seismic and structural design and inspection provisions by developing and disseminating guidelines and recommendations for applying and interpreting current codes and for making modifications to current codes when necessary. The Structural Safety Committee meets at the Annual Business Meeting and via conference call, typically four to six times per year.