Guide to Changes in State Law


Guide to Changes in State Law

After legislation is passed and signed by the governor, it goes through the regulatory process. Along with the updating the codes on a triennial cycle, the California Building Standards Commission processes and implements these new laws. Here are some of the most recent issues the CBSC has been working on. 


Automated Permitting for Solar Energy Systems
SB 379: Residential Solar Energy Systems: Permitting

As 2022 winds down, CALBO’s legislative team is gearing up for the start of the new legislative session which will officially kick off January 1, 2023. Despite the excitement of a new legislative session for CALBO, the start of a new session brings forward the official enactment of California’s new laws that will impact your building departments.  Before the new year begins, CALBO’s legislative team will provide several articles to provide guidance to our membership about some of the new changes to state law that will impact your departments.