ICC 2018/19 Code Development Cycle – Reminder to Make Your Vote Count

E-mail blast

Dear CALBO Member,

As you know, when it comes to code development, CALBO traditionally focuses our efforts at the state level. This California-specific focus is in no way meant to diminish the work at the inter/national level, as code development is an important part of our profession at all levels. To keep momentum going on this initiative, the Board would like to remind you to make your vote count and explore the following code development resources detailed below as it is important for CALBO members to engage at all code development levels.

Last month, code officials met from around the world in Richmond, Virginia to participate in the 2018/2019 code development cycle of the International Code Council (ICC). Many code change proposals were vetted and approved, all of which are available here.

Don’t forget that the Online Governmental Consensus Vote is available through December 7, 2018 at 11:59pm (Pacific). All ICC governmental representatives are highly encouraged to participate. ICC has made many process changes to avail remote voting in an effort to encourage governmental consensus and participation.  

The Los Angeles Basin Chapter is very active in code development as well, and you will find the work of their Administration Committee here. This consensus recommendation document for code coordination is being made available to all interested parties in an effort to enable participants to work together collaboratively. The document consolidates the recommended positions on the various code change proposals by committee members assigned as a representative to a participating chapter, organization and jurisdiction in California. Please note, CALBO is in no way implying endorsement of any positions expressed in this document or by members of the committee. Rather, we are trying to provide information to our members and encourage your participation in code development.

You will also find a chart that outlines the code development cycle, from inter/national development, to statewide adoption and enforcement. This is another tool that CALBO is availing for your information.  

Again, CALBO encourages your deliberation and participation in this effort. The CALBO Board is hopeful that these resources will be of use to you as code change proposals are vetted. Make your vote count by participating today!