ADA Regs Title II and Title III
California Commission on Disabled Access
CALDAG 2020 Purchase ICC 
California DOJ Attorney General Housing, Public Accommodations
Disability Laws
DSA California Access Compliance Reference Materials 2019
Fair Housing Act Design Manual HUD
Universal Design Model Ordinance HCD
US Dept of Justice Accessibility
US Dept of Justice
US Dept of Justice Interpretation Letters
Valuation Threshold for Chapter 11B – Updated Jan 2020 (DGS)


CALBO Construction Hardship Form - Exceeding Threshold (Updated 1/2019)
CALBO Construction Valuation Form - Not Exceeding Threshold (Updated 1/2019)
Request for Technical Infeasibility
Unisex Restrooms-Common Accessibility Issues-CBC 11B


Access Apartment Workbook 1985 Standards
Access Apartment Workbook 1989 Standards
Access Multifamily Workbook 1993 Standards
Access Multifamily Workbook 1997 Standards
Accessibility Revisions - Effective July 1, 2015
CALBO Accessibility Construction Inspection Checklist - 2015 Edition
CALBO Accessibility Committee Newsletter - July 2015
CALBO Pool and Spa Accessibility Checklist - 2015 Edition
CalCAP/Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Financing Program
For Permits Regarding All Public Accommodations and Commercial Entities
2019 CBC Original Cycle - CALBO Analysis of Accessibility Changes (Updated 10/2019)
2015 Summary of Accessibility Upgrades for Commerical Projects (Updated 4/2016)
2014 ABM Presentation: Implementation and Applicability of the Certified Access Specialist Program (CASp)
2013 CBC Chapter 11B: Accessibility Mid-Code Cycle Changes Effective July 1, 2015