Article II


Section 1. Membership Categories

A.   Governmental Members: A City, County, or City and County within the boundaries of the State of California, charged with the correlation, administration, or enforcement of laws and ordinances relating to building construction.

Each Governmental Member shall, when admitted to membership, be entitled to the number of Governmental Voting Members as specified in Table A.1.  Governmental Voting Members shall be designated in writing by the Governmental Member or appropriate departments of the Governmental Member.  The first Governmental Voting Member designated by each Governmental Member shall be the Building Official of the jurisdiction of the Governmental Member or such other person who holds managerial and administrative responsibilities of the Building Official.  The remaining Governmental Voting Member(s) selected shall be employee(s) of the Governmental Member directly engaged in the administration, formulation, implementation or enforcement of laws, ordinances, rules, or regulations relating to public health, safety and welfare.  Said designation may only be changed in writing.





B.   Associate Members: An association, organization, local or State agency, or individual engaged in architecture, engineering, inspection, or construction.

C.   Retired Governmental Voting Members: An individual of age fifty-five (55) or greater who has served at least five (5) years as a Governmental Voting Member and is retired.

D.   Honorary Members: An individual who has retired from active participation as a Governmental Voting Member or Associate Member who has rendered prolonged outstanding and meritorious service in the furtherance of the objectives of this organization.

A person to be appointed as an Honorary Members shall be nominated in writing to the Board of Directors byten (10) members, by a Chapter of ICC, or by the Board of Directors stating the reasons for the nomination. A person so nominated shall become an Honorary Member upon approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Member Serving Capacities

A.   Governmental Voting Members may hold office, serve on committees, and vote at meetings or by letter ballot. Each Governmental Voting Member shall be entitled to vote on any matters under these Bylaws, including but not limited to the election of Officers, Directors or on any changes to these Bylaws. Only Governmental Voting Members shall be permitted to make motions and to vote on any issue at the Annual Business Meeting or special meetings. Voting by proxy is not permitted. Any person designated as a Governmental Voting Member of more than one Governmental Member or who is also an Honorary Member shall be entitled to only one vote.

B.   Associate Members may serve on committees and attend membership meetings but may not hold office nor vote.

C.   Retired Governmental Voting Members may serve on committees and attend membership meetings but may not hold office nor vote.

D.   Honorary Members may serve on committees and attend membership meetings but may not hold office nor vote.