2019 CALBO Education Weeks: Lunch and Learn Events
Join Energy Code Ace in Burlingame!


Wednesday, December 18, 2019
11:15am – 12:15pm
Ballroom A

If so, you’re invited to attend “Lunch and Learn,” a special lunch presentation on “Q&Ace: How to Ace Energy Code Questions.” Join us to learn how to quickly and effectively respond to your customers’ top six most commonly asked energy code questions using Energy Code Ace tools and resources. Additionally, we’ll discuss how to best prioritize time based on which requests may yield the most energy savings.

You’ve gained code knowledge in the classroom – now learn what free tools, training, and resources are available for you and your building department! All aimed to help decrease the amount of time currently spent explaining energy code requirements and forms to customers, reviewing plans and forms, and performing inspections.

Realizing that building department personnel have far too much work to do and need to be strategic and use their limited time wisely, so they can focus on life-safety issues, Energy Code Ace strives to help Permit Technicians, Plans Examiners, and Building Inspectors perform their energy code enforcement duties faster and easier.  

About Energy Code Ace: The Energy Code Ace program is developed and provided by the California Statewide Codes & Standards Program, which offers free energy code training, tools, and resources for those who need to understand and meet the requirements of Title 24, Part 6 and Title 20. Designed to improve compliance with the state’s building and appliance energy codes and standards, the program aims to advance the adoption and effective implementation of energy efficiency measures and building practices.

For any questions about this opportunity, please contact Lauren Herman, Director of Training & Communications, or call 916-457-1103.