Sponsorship Opportunities


CALBO Sponsorship Opportunities

CALBO provides a myriad of ways in which your company or organization can highlight goods and services, including annual sponsorships, trade shows, and newsletter advertisements.

Reference the information below, or in the CALBO Media Packet, to determine how your company or organization can best tailor your involvement to suit your needs.

The CALBO Media Packet is your main resource for:

  • CALBO Partner Program – Gold (SOLD OUT!), Silver and Bronze Levels
  • CALBO Sponsor & Exhibitor Programs for the Education Weeks and Annual Business Meeting
  • Advertising in the CALBO News and on the CALBO Job Board

If you have any questions regarding opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact the CALBO office.

*Media Packet for 2020-21 Membership Year Now Available!

Media Packet 2020-21


CALBO Partner Program
Annual Sponsorships

CALBO is excited to once again offer annual sponsorships for the upcoming 2020-21 membership year! The CALBO Partner Program grants access to each of the five events associated with the Sponsor and Exhibitor Program. Sponsors can simply make one payment and be set for the remainder of the year. The CALBO Partner Program sponsorships run with the membership year: April 1 – March 31. 


CALBO News, CALBO Job Board, and CALBO Homepage

Outside of events, CALBO offers additional manners to meet your organization’s needs.

CALBO provides three distinct opportunities for any organization looking for quick and easy methods of exposure:

  • CALBO News Advertisements
  • CALBO Job Board Postings
  • CALBO Homepage Advertisements

CALBO Media Packet

2020-21 Media PacketThe CALBO Media Packet is your main resource for:

 - CALBO Partner Program
 - CALBO Sponsor & Exhibitor Program
        - Including all four Education Weeks and the Annual Business Meeting
 - Advertising
        - Including the CALBO News and the CALBO Job Board

Media Packet for the 2020-2021 Membership Year Available Now!

If you have any questions that cannot be addressed in the CALBO Media Packet, please contact the CALBO Office.