A Brief Message from CALBO Training Institute Chair, Bob Latz


Greetings CALBO Friends,

The new code books are available, and what better way to either find out what is new and changed or to revisit existing requirements than to attend the upcoming Education Weeks. We have another great year of training available this year as we prepare for another new code cycle. The CALBO Training Institute (CTI) has developed and prepared a variety of technically informative and interesting courses for your training needs. We are here to provide a year of valued educational experiences whether at the Education Weeks or through Independent Offerings across California. All courses have been created to provide practical applications and interpretations bringing California building departments the finest building-safety training available.

This year, CTI has been focused on bringing you the latest updates through code changes that will benefit both seasoned building-safety department personnel and newly recruited industry members. Please take the time to review the courses listed in the Annual Training Catalog to find what best suits your training needs. Each course listed provides a course title and description to help you select the courses you desire. If you have any questions regarding the Education Week curriculum, please do not hesitate to reach out to CALBO staff, myself or the CTI Commission.

With this being a code change year, CTI knows the importance of getting all of your staff members to the enriched training available. For the first time, CTI is hosting four Education Weeks: Newport Beach from August 26-29, San Ramon from September 9-12, Ontario from October 14-17, and Burlingame from December 16-19. Look for other optional training opportunities listed as Independent Offerings. CTI hopes that an expansion of Education Weeks and Independent Offerings provides flexibility for departments and industry companies to send their staff between venues allowing more time in the classroom throughout the entire year. Thank you for your support through attendance and feedback as we continue to expand valuable training opportunities.

CTI continues to be a leader in quality education as an International Code Council Preferred Provider. Each CTI course has been approved and can be used toward the CEU requirements for renewing your certifications.

I would personally like to thank you – CALBO members, consultants, and industry representatives for your support of all CTI endeavors, especially Education Weeks. Thank you to the CTI Commissioners, course developers and instructors who volunteer their time and expertise to create essential and meaningful programs. Without each of you, CTI would not be able to provide the premier quality education you deserve. 

We look forward to seeing all of you as we come together for training and professional development this year!


Bob Latz, C.B.O.
Regional Manager
CSG Consultants, Inc.