CALBO Announces Availability of Accessibility Certification Exam
In Collaboration with the International Code Council


SACRAMENTO – California Building Officials (CALBO) is pleased to announce the availability of the California Public Accommodations Accessibility Certification Exam.  The exam was co-developed with the International Code Council (ICC) as an extended collaboration between our two organizations.

Anytime our robust organizations can come together to benefit our shared members in California, it’s a win-win, stated Dr. Matthew Wheeler, Executive Director of CALBO.  Given the complexities of Chapter 11B and demonstrated desire to extend its correct application by California code officials, this exam is incredibly timely in its availability.

The California Public Accommodations Accessibility for Inspector/Plans Examiner exam has been developed to demonstrate compliance with accessibility codes and standards including Chapter 11B of the California Building Code for those responsible for conducting assigned inspections and plan reviews for their respective jurisdictions.  Tasks include verifying the code provisions as based upon the use of buildings and facilities, existing and/or altered elements related to accessibility, and determining the code compliance of submitted building plans, site plans, and other plans as required ensuring such compliance with accessibility code provisions.  The exam does not require extensive knowledge of Federal laws, codes, and regulations to successfully pass.

The exam was developed collaboratively by ICC subject-matter experts and CALBO’s Exam Development Committee members.  Specifically, California code officials and members interested in completing the exam can highlight professional development by:    

  • Displaying knowledge of the California Building Code Chapter 11B (CBC) for public accommodations for inspections and plan reviewers.
  • Elevated job placement opportunity when California-specific Accessibility knowledge is essential in your job description.
  • Assuring Building Department Managers you have the knowledge to assist the jurisdiction’s CASp for inspections, plan reviews and interpretations of the CBC. 
  • Providing confidence and first steps towards successfully passing the California required CASp exam. 

It is important to note that this exam is not a replacement or equivalent certification to the DSA Certified Access Specialist Program (CASp), nor does the exam require CASp knowledge.  Rather, the California Public Accommodations Accessibility exam is based on the ICC ANSI A117.1 accessibility certification exam that has been modified to be California specific. 

Further information on the California Public Accommodations Accessibility exam, including registration, is now available through ICC Credentialing.