CALBO at the Capitol


On Wednesday, April 18, CALBO members convened at the State Capitol to advocate and educate members of the state legislature on behalf of our organization. CALBO members met Legislators and staff not only to discuss CALBO’s top legislative priorities, but also to highlight who we are and what we do. In their meetings, members discussed the following measures that are currently moving through the Capitol. 

Currently, affordable housing is one of the top priorities for CALBO members and Legislators in Sacramento. CALBO’s Legislative Committee recently took a “Support” position on two bills that came out of the Ghost Ship working group – SB 1415 and SB 1416. Senator McGuire authored both of these measures and sought CALBO’s input on specific language. Moving forward, these bills will help building officials collect fees for the additional inspections required under SB 1415, as well as extend building officials’ enforcement and authority. SB 1415 has specific language that will grant building officials the authority to enforce laws and exercise the power of arrest, if necessary. SB 1416 will allow local government to levy fines due to unsafe conditions through a nuisance abatement lien. Both of these measures aim to prevent another disaster, such as the Ghost Ship fire.

CALBO members were also able to discuss their concern with AB 2913 (Wood). Currently, this bill would allow building permits to remain open for three years, as opposed to 180 days. Existing law states that a building permit will expire after 180 days if work has not commenced on the site. This bill would extend this period to three years. CALBO is concerned that this could cause health and safety issues for property owners and the surrounding community. 

To review legislation that CALBO is tracking, visit CALBO’s Legislative Watch page. This online bill search provides building officials with a real-time way to follow CALBO’s position on critical state legislation during the 2018 session. Simply click the button below for the latest Bills of Interest and most recent action.