Special Message from Your 2018-19 CALBO President


Dear Colleagues,

As the holiday season comes to a close, the CALBO Board of Directors would like to THANK YOU for all of your support and dedication throughout the year. After all, it is our membership that does the heavy lifting and supports our efforts that benefit the larger group. This year, we’ve seen so many of our communities and members alike face some real challenges with not only natural disasters in their own communities, but personal setbacks as well. Yet since we have been communicating with so many of our members to support them in their time of need, it’s ironic how their stories give us hope and encouragement.   

CALBO President Janes and City of Redding CBO Jim WrightRecently, I had the chance to visit Redding and Shasta County to witness mother nature and her rage first-hand. CALBO Second Vice President Shane Diller joined me for a full tour of the affected areas with the City of Redding CBO Jim Wright. We were there to better understand the needs of the community, but also to connect CALBO and our resources. The devastation was eye-opening to say the least. However, their community is responding and redevelopment has commenced.  

I have heard that redevelopment is underway in other areas of our state from my fellow Board colleagues Bryan Spain of Solvang and Andrew Stuffler of Santa Barbara. Both have been active in community rebuilding efforts; Bryan in Santa Rosa and Andrew in Santa Barbara and Ventura County. The fact that the devastation can reach us all in such geographically diverse areas is mind-boggling; however, I am pleased to hear of the resiliency of our statewide membership.

Camp Fire DevastationI have spoken with Curtis Johnson, CBO from Butte County, who had expressed his gratefulness for all of the support and hands-on assistance they are receiving from local, state, federal authorities, the CALBO Board, and member jurisdictions. Curtis also mentioned that fifty percent of the Building and Safety staff had lost their personal homes in the Camp Fire. In spite of that, staff continues to show up to work and assist their community with the rebuilding process.

It was once said, “Our love must not be a thing of words and fine talk. It must be a thing of action and sincerity.” As I reflect on these situations and the work of our vigilant membership, I’m inspired by the action and sincerity that is easily observed throughout our communities and their efforts to rebuild.

So, from the CALBO Board of Directors, THANK YOU for your action and sincerity.

All The Best, 

Jeff Janes, C.B.O.
Deputy Building Official
City of Sonora