A Special Message from Your 2020-21 CALBO President


Dear CALBO Friends and Colleagues,

Autumn is upon us. This time of year brings changes. Leaves turn bright colors; temperatures drop; conferences and trainings get cancelled, moved, and improved. 

I hope that everyone’s families and staffs are healthy and safe. Whether it’s the continued threat of Covid-19, the impressive heatwaves we saw over the summer, or wildfires so many of us are dealing with, 2020 continues to have its challenges to meet and overcome. And overcome them we will. CALBO has long championed resilience, and not just in the seismic sense. CALBO as an organization, and you as its members, have spent the last 6 months developing new strategies to serve our industry and ensure that building safety does not take a backseat as other challenges arise. As CALBO President I, too, have adopted an attitude of resilience and innovation. I continue to reinforce that though we cannot serve you in the ways we are used to, with in-person trainings and conferences, CALBO needs to be a leader in finding new ways to ensure its members remain the best educated in our industry, with the best advocacy efforts in government. 

Our upcoming hybrid Education Week is one of those innovative ways that CALBO is leading the way. We understand that for many in-person training is not practical or advisable right now, while some are looking forward to and able to go to such training. Well, I am pleased to report that we have something for everyone. From our on-going webinars, covering focused training topics, to in-person full-day training in Newport Beach in December, to the ability to attend that same full-day training via professional telecast, CALBO has improved how we train to cover all contingencies. Information about all these possibilities is on Professional Development page on the CALBO Website.

Being innovative means being flexible, and that is something we are very good at doing. As we look ahead to what 2021 brings, you have mine and the CALBO Board’s commitment to continue to find ways to serve and lead. As always, we cannot express how much we appreciate your feedback and support as we continue to move forward, and we look forward to exciting times ahead.

Stay well, 
Shane G. Diller, M.P.A
Assistant Director, Development Services
City of Elk Grove