A Special Message from Your 2020-21 CALBO President


Dear CALBO Friends and Colleagues,

To most of us this year the holidays probably have a low key feel about them, but the sense of togetherness, joy, and hope are the hallmarks of this time of year remain. 

It is that last feeling, hope, which CALBO holds to most right now. 2021 is just around the corner and though we will all be dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 for some time to come, there appears to be light at the end of this tunnel. 2021 will bring a vaccine and relief that though we have tragically lost so many in this country already, those numbers will slow and this disease will pass. We have strong hope that spring will bring opportunities for us to resume the great traditional in-person offerings CALBO is known for, a conference and training in May or June, and normal Education Weeks in the fall. 

Until normalcy returns, CALBO continues to strive to offer its members the best training, advocacy, and camaraderie the current environment allows. I have been very pleased with the quality of the webinars we have produced so far, and see the value of continuing to offer webinars as a supplement to our trainings in the future. Again, I cannot thank CTI, the instructors, or CALBO staff enough for the hard work they have put into creating these valuable training offerings. But even more so, I want to thank you, the membership for also seeing the value in virtual training by attending the webinars in great numbers. You are the reason we exist and produce the training and perform the advocacy that we do. 

While on the topic of training and support, I want to take a moment to tell you how excited and anxious I am for this month’s Virtual Education Week. This year’s Education Week is like nothing CALBO has done before. This pandemic will not stop us. In an effort to continue to provide the quality California specific training our members rely on, while also demonstrating California’s ability to innovate, adapt and overcome, we have prepared an Education Week like you have not seen before. This will not be simply a series of day long webinars; Education Week virtual attendees will get live video and real-time interaction with instructors, duplicating the interaction one would get in the classroom. But, this is more than a pandemic work around to keep good training going. This virtual Education Week is a launching pad for a new era of CALBO working in the digital realm. That said, we cannot do it without you. If you have ever thought “I wish I could get an Education Week style training without having to fly or drive” or your agency is like so many that have training funds, but travel and lodging monies are scarce, this is the Education Week you want to give a try. For the first time ever (maybe the only time) CALBO’s Education Week training is available to anyone with an internet connection. Anyone in the building safety industry on earth can now easily attend a CALBO Education Week. 

So, check out the website, pick a class (or 4) and spread the word that CALBO and CTI training continues unabated. With your support I am eager to look back on this year as the time California’s building safety agencies came together and showed the world that nothing slows us down and that 2020 was the year we took challenges and made them opportunities to revolutionize how we do things. 

In closing, I continue to wish you, your agencies, and your families’ health and wellness. May the holidays we celebrate this month be filled with merriment and I along with your CALBO Board of Directors and staff look forward to continuing to serve you in what I am sure will be a happy new year! 

Stay well, 
Shane G. Diller, M.P.A
Assistant Director, Development Services
City of Elk Grove