A Special Message from Your 2021-22 CALBO President


Dear CALBO Friends and Colleagues,

As I begin the second summer, of my extended tenure as your CALBO President, I have much to report. It was great to come together, both in-person and virtually, in Newport Beach last month for the Summer Conference. This hybrid event was a great opportunity to share information and reconnect in ways that we had not been able to since the spring of 2019. Thanks go out to all of you who joined us at the conference however you were able.

As we settle into the summer months, I am reminded of an adage shared with me by CALBO Past President Jeff Janes. Apparently, years ago Jeff worked for a county administrator that asked him if his plate was full…he said ‘yes’. He smiled back at him and said to get a bigger plate. As working code officials, most of us have already transitioned to “bigger plates” to keep up with the demands that are expected of us by our elected, management and the citizens we serve. With that, CALBO seeks to not only maintain the size of our plate but also expand it a bit as we prepare for the future.

As you have most likely noticed, CALBO’s 2021 Education Weeks have been launched and are available for registration. This year Ed Weeks are offered in a hybrid model in San Ramon in September and in the traditional on-site style in Ontario in October. Although we are at the end of the triennial cycle, the CALBO Training Institute (CTI) has worked hard to develop topical, managerial, and contemporary curriculum drawing from within, and outside, the codebooks. I hope to see you at an Ed Week; details are available at www.calbo.org.  

You have probably noticed that what was to be a quiet year for government affairs, has been anything but. CALBO’s advocacy efforts on your behalf have been as strong as ever. I commend our members who stepped forward to serve on Code Advisory Committees with the California Building Standards Commission, and the Legislative Committee that worked hard to see that the best interests of our industry were represented in the State Capitol. SB 617, a bill that would have required automated plan check review was defeated, while the bill’s sponsors and CALBO were able to find common ground on a budget request that provides monies to building departments seeking to improve technology upgrades in plan check and permitting. The balanced and positive approach we take to legislation and advocacy efforts ensure that CALBO remains a player in state lawmaking, always with a seat at the table.

Looking to another CALBO Past President, I always remember David Khorram saying that “Building safety operations often resemble team sports.” I could not agree more with that sentiment. The work that CALBO does in advocacy and training is definitely a team effort. I must take every opportunity to thank members who serve on policy committees; CTI commissioners, instructors, and course developers; my fellow board members; and the CALBO staff. Without the collaboration of all of you, I couldn’t look so great as your leader. And speaking of looking good, congratulations are in order! At SEAOSC’s 2021 Safer Cities Awards Program, CALBO Board Member Andrew Stuffler was honored as the recipient of the Safer Cities Building Official of the Year award! Andrew could not be more deserving with the time and expertise he has given the industry. Congratulations, Andrew! But wait, there’s more!  At the same program, CALBO was honored to receive the Partner of the Year Award! I want to thank SEAOSC for recognizing CALBO’s work as we look back on the pandemic and valuing our continued partnership.

Lastly, I would like to thank the local ICC Chapters for the hospitality in the virtual meetings that I have attended over the preceding year. I was honored to recently attend and provide CALBO activity updates at the Southern California regional meeting, the Tri-Chapter in the north, SVABO, Napa-Solano, Redwood Empire, and Shasta-Cascade chapter meetings. As California has reopened, your CALBO Board and I look forward to seeing you in person more. The great attendance and member engagement at these events once again demonstrate the commitment you have to ensure public-safety for all of our communities – thank you for making a difference every day.

Enjoy your summer because it will be a busy fall and winter!


Shane G. Diller, M.P.A
Assistant Director, Development Services
City of Elk Grove