Successful Booth at League of California Cities Annual Conference and Expo in Long Beach


September 2018 was a busy time for CALBO leadership and staff. CALBO Board Members, Jeff Janes and David Gonzalves, accompanied CALBO staff to the League of California Cities annual conference in Long Beach. This was an important opportunity for CALBO as this conference hosts thousands of local government and industry experts. CALBO hosted a booth in the exhibitor’s hall, which highlighted CALBO’s members and priorities. In addition to teaching attendees about CALBO and our mission, CALBO was able to host two very high caliber speakers, which were invited by Past-President David Khorram. Mr. John Keisler, Director of Economic and Property Development for the City of Long Beach, and Mr. Jeffrey Fullerton, Project Director for Long Beach Civic Center and Senior Vice President of Plenary Group, hosted presentations on Public-Private Partnerships (P3) at the CALBO booth. Their presentations highlighted successful P3 projects in Long Beach and Merced, which modeled success in their communities. Council members, consultants, and other exhibitors attended the presentations and expressed interest in learning more about their local building departments and the possibility of implementing P3 in their communities.

Special thanks to CALBO Board Members, Jeff Janes, David Gonzalves, and David Khorram, who staffed the booth and made it all come together, along with Past Presidents Ron Takiguchi and Raj Patel. The event was a success, and we could not have done it without member participation. If you have any questions, please contact CALBO Government Relations Manager, Katie Almand