Welcome, BOLA Class of 2024-2025!


Seeking to maximize the leadership capabilities of seasoned public safety professionals, in addition to those who seek a future within California’s building departments, Building Officials Leadership Academy (BOLA) provides executive-level coursework along with networking opportunities among program peers and mentors to allow each participant the opportunity to utilize the program to its full potential.

Since the start of BOLA over ten year ago, there have been over six dozen graduates who have become building officials or directors for their jurisdiction.

Last month in Sacramento, the 2024-2025 Academy class completed its core curriculum week – five days of intensive coursework that included the topics of administration, legislation and state laws, leadership, public speaking and presentations, budgeting, and much more. We applaud them for completing this milestone!

BOLA Class of 2024-2025

James Brewster, City of Santa Monica
 Scott Burns, City of Wildomar
Alice Chen, City of Santa Clara
Aleris Dunn, City of Vacaville
Wayne Eastman, County of Sacramento
Jeremy Harrison, City of South Lake Tahoe
Jeff Jensen, City of Berkeley
Tim Kersch, City of Carlsbad
Adam Kingsley, County of Butte
Devon Kuhnle, City of Paso Robles

Brandon Lamons, County of El Dorado
Tim Nakashima, City of Brentwood
Trevor Nelson, City of San Luis Obispo
Tim Schott, City of Roseville
Mike Toledo, City of Folsom
Daniel Valencia, City of Sacramento
Ramon Valencia, City of Tracy
Louis Vasquez, City of Santa Monica
Matthew Wyatt, City of Lompoc​