ABM Virtual Registration Closes Today!

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That’s right! CALBO extended the virtual registration for tomorrow’s 0.6 CEU training until 12pm today! This will be your last chance for a full day training opportunity until Education Weeks in the fall. Don’t wait – take a course tomorrow! 

Courses include: 

California Accessory Dwellings Units of Today and Tomorrow: What We’ve Seen and What’s to Come
ICC PP Course No. 27653 (0.6 CEUs) – Online
AIA Course No. 13: 2021 (6 LU | HSWs)

Hot Topics in the 2019 CBC Chapter 11B Accessibility
ICC PP Course No. 28666 (0.6 CEUs) – Online
AIA Course No. 26: 2021 (6 LU | HSWs)

Safety Assessment Program: Evaluator and Coordinator Training
ICC PP Course No. 27531 (0.6 CEUs) – Online
AIA Course No. 11: 2019 (6 LU | HSWs)

Registration closes TODAY, May 11th at Noon. Courses will take place, tomorrow, May 12th from 9:00am - 4:30pm. 

Click here to register!