CALBO and ICC Host Discussion of Federal and State Leaders on Seismic Resiliency and Functional Recovery

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SACRAMENTO: Months of planning and collaboration came together on Thursday, July 25, 2019 as the International Code Council (ICC) and California Building Officials (CALBO) hosted the Seismic Roundtable. Governmental leaders, code officials and industry professionals were all invited to meet and exchange ideas at the California State Capitol as part of the event.  

Since early 2019, ICC and CALBO have been working towards providing this forum facilitating the conversation relative to seismic resiliency and functional recovery. Following a tumultuous year of seismic resiliency legislation in 2018, both organizations realized the need to bring stakeholders together in a positive, productive and informed manner.  

The stated goal for the day was to determine a nationally applicable approach to seismic functional recovery for new construction. To do so, a highly diverse group of governmental and industry experts presented applicable findings in the morning, which was immediately followed by a professionally facilitated roundtable. The timing of the event was clearly underscored by the recent earthquakes in Ridgecrest and the Searles Valley.

For discussion relative to functional recovery, roundtable participants were asked how many ways can we get there, how can we get there faster, and how can we work together? A full afternoon of differing professional viewpoints were presented parallel to an air of collaboration.  

ICC and CALBO both realize that this is an initial step, but an important one. Participants left the event with a better understanding of differing perspectives towards seismic resiliency and functional recovery, in addition to a reaffirmation of working towards practical governmental solutions. 

All materials presented as part of the Seismic Roundtable are available to view here.