CALBO Update: What’s Ahead for the Summer and Fall
Important Annual Conference and Education Week Changes

E-mail blast

Dear CALBO Colleague,

As we all know, there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. I have been missing my colleagues since the start of the pandemic. I’ve been missing the opportunity to do the things that we took for granted just a few months ago: have a cup of coffee at the same table, attend a meeting, or view a professional presentation in an area of the state that we do not reside. However; since becoming the first CALBO President elected virtually, we have all adjusted in the name of personal and public safety.

As your President, we have taken the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously as an organization. Our staff has been working remotely since March 17, our in-person Annual Business Meeting was moved to a virtual platform, and your Board has represented you through Zoom and other innovations. We have kept the organization fully operational, while still adhering to all state guidelines relative to health and wellness. I’m proud of the work we have accomplished as an organization through this unprecedented time and I’m thrilled to see our efforts to return to some normalcy through Governor Newsom’s four-phase approach to reopening.

In the days ahead, you will see CALBO reopen as well. You will have the opportunity to register for IN-PERSON Education Weeks in San Ramon, Ontario and Newport Beach. We have been working with all venues to ensure our ability to meet while practicing social distancing, and we can do it! You will note that the San Ramon Education Week has moved to January (January 25-28, 2021) in an effort to give us some more certainty and ensure the welfare of our attendees.

I am anxious to host an annual conference this year, and we’re going to do it. You will be able to register for our annual conference, to be held at the incredible Park Hyatt Aviara in Carlsbad (San Diego area) October 4-7, 2020. As I mentioned, there is no substitute for coming together in person, but that has required some patience and flexibility. As they say, third time is a charm, and we’ll be rolling those details out in the days ahead. If you have already registered for Indian Wells (April) or Carlsbad (July), there is nothing more you need to do as we will simply transfer your reservation. More details on this are forthcoming, so thank you for your patience.

Like you, CALBO has had to adapt. But also like the calls we hear so frequently to support our local businesses, CALBO needs your support too. Our inability to host events and trainings has stung a bit, so I ask that you please do your best to support CALBO and join us at a future meeting or training. Not to mention my need to see people, so please join us.

The CALBO Board wishes you the best as we begin to reopen and fully serve our communities. We have all taken the practical and prudent approaches to public safety through this pandemic, and we know that was the right thing to do. Welcome back.

Best regards,

Shane Diller, M.P.A.
Assistant Development Services Director
City of Elk Grove