CBSC is looking for local jurisdictions to pilot test an Electronic Payment Gateway for submitting Building Standards Administration Special Revolving Fund fees.

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The California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) has developed an Electronic Payment Gateway (EPG) to accept Building Standards Administration Special Revolving Fund fees (BSASRF, Green Fees). As many of us work remotely and government entities search for ways to save time, money and the need for in-office work, electronic payments may be one way for jurisdictions to meet all of these goals.

Because this fee is based on each jurisdiction’s building permits issued, there is no invoice issued by CBSC. The amount to be paid is based on the jurisdiction’s fee structure and permit valuations. Please visit CBSC’s BSASRF webpage to view the regulation and requirements.

Currently, jurisdictions complete a Fee Report form, process a check, and then physically mail the form and check to CBSC. The EPG system allows payments to be remitted via an online platform using a credit/debit card or e-check information. The e-check processing is free, but there is a fee for credit/debit card payments. The electronic process will eliminate the need to cut a check and physically mail the check and the Fee Report form to CBSC. All of this will be accomplished utilizing the EPG system.

If your jurisdiction would like to participate in a pilot test of this platform, please contact the Laura Mills, Fund Administrator at (916) 263-1330 or