Celebrating the 2023-2024 CALBO Award Recipients!

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It is with great pride that we announce the 2023-2024 CALBO Awards Recipients. We are grateful for these CALBO members contributions to the building-safety community.

Building Department of the Year

City of Malibu 

The Building Department of the Year recognizes outstanding leadership demonstrated by a jurisdiction over the preceding year.  As an organization of building departments, CALBO bestows this honor upon the entire jurisdictional team that works hard to serve California communities.  We take great pride in spotlighting the remarkable achievements of this year’s recipient, City of Malibu, for its dedication to building safety through effective long-term disaster response, environmental sustainability, and progressive technological practices.  This department has shown remarkable adaptability and innovation, providing essential services and care to communities increasingly vulnerable to climate change and natural disasters.  Please join us in celebrating the achievements of the exemplary City of Malibu as CALBO’s 2023-2024 Building Department of the Year.    

Building Official of the Year

Ron Takiguchi, P.E.
City of Pasadena (Retired)

As a peer-based award, the Building Official of the Year is the most prestigious honor bestowed upon working Governmental members of CALBO.  It honors a single individual who has shown exemplary leadership over the preceding year and overall career.  Mr. Ronald T. Takiguchi, P.E. has been a career code official having served the jurisdictions of County of Los Angeles, Cities of Santa Monica, Burbank, recently retiring from City of Pasadena.  Currently, he serves as the Vice President JAS Pacific.  Outside of his work in various jurisdictions, Takiguchi has been a familiar face at CALBO events over the years whether volunteering as a course instructor and developer, CALBO Policy Committee Member, or CALBO Board Director leading to his election as CALBO President from 2016-2017 and Past President from 2017-2018.  It’s a great honor to celebrate his remarkable career and contributions that now includes CALBO’s 2023-2024 Building Official of the Year.  

Fire Officials of the Year

Ms. Darcy Davidson, Carlsbad Fire Department
Ms. Rebecca Leda, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District

CALBO applauds the efforts of our fire service professionals through recognition as the 2023-2024 Fire Official of the Year.  Realizing that public and building safety is a shared responsibility with fire officials, CALBO works hard to collaborate whenever possible as an association of local governments.  CALBO honors an exemplary Fire Official each year as a partner and public safety leader within California communities.  Ms. Darcy Davidson of the Carlsbad Fire Department serves as the 2023-24 President of the Southern California Fire Prevention Officers and Ms. Rebecca Leda of the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District serves as the President of the Northern California Fire Prevention Officers.  Individually, as well as collectively, these leaders serve as the embodiment of this award.  Their road as Presidents has been difficult, navigating change between parent organizations and members.  They have provided positivity, resilience, and an overall spirit of empowerment, not to mention result, not exclusively to the FPO community, but to the greater code official profession.

Industry Achievement

Energy Code Ace

Building industry colleagues are a significant player within the CALBO membership, actively engaging beyond event exhibiting to serve and promote the building and code official profession.  Each year, CALBO honors a standout industry partner with the Industry Achievement Award.  CALBO members are familiar with this organization, which acknowledges their long-standing commitment and effective management of services across a wide range of municipalities and jurisdictions. Their staff are frequent chapter meeting and CALBO event attendees across California ensuring educational opportunities, such as Education Week Lunch and Learn events, CALBO sponsored webinars, and useful online resources that highlight their commitment to our profession, community, and members. When it comes to navigating the intricate details of California’s Title 24, Part 6 building energy code and Title 20 appliance standards, this organization is our go-to resource. Their comprehensive suite of no-cost tools, trainings and resources have kept us in compliance with ease. This organization is powered by the California Statewide Codes and Standards Program and vetted by the California Energy Commission. We are honored to commemorate the significant contributions of our partner, Energy Code Ace, as the 2023-2024 Industry Achievement Award winner.

Course Development Merit Award

Permit Technician Career Advancement Academy Content and Course Developers

CALBO Training Institute launched its newest training endeavor, Permit Technician Career Advancement Academy, last year to redefine the future of counter technicians.  This groundbreaking Academy is dedicated to honing the technical and interpersonal skills of counter technicians, paving the way for stronger, more efficient building department operations and services.  With a focus on long-term career planning, this academy is not just a training ground—it’s a transformative journey towards leadership and professional growth. This new Academy owes its success to the dedication and expertise of the exceptional content contributors and visionary course developers who are honored with the 2023-2024 Course Development Merit Award.  These individuals have contributed both their knowledge and passion into crafting curriculum that transcends traditional training.  Their commitment to excellence is evident in the depth of the topics, the richness of material, and the invaluable student support provided.  The academy extends heartfelt gratitude to these remarkable individuals who served as the Academy course developers and instructors for their invaluable contributions to the advancement of our profession through the strengthening of counter technicians. Click Here for a list of the award recipients.

Lifetime Honorary Member

Stuart Tom

The membership of CALBO is pleased to honor Mr. Stuart D. Tom, P.E. with Lifetime Honorary Membership.  A stranger to no one, Stuart has been a career long code official having served the jurisdictions of the Cites of Los Angeles, Glendale, and now Pasadena.  Currently, he is the Chief Technical Officer of JAS Pacific.  Stuart is known for his collaborative nature, having served to foster connectivity between building and fire code officials.  Perhaps that is why he served as not only the Building Official for the City of Glendale, but later as the Fire Marshal.  The hallmark of Stuart’s accomplished career is found in his current capacity as the President of the International Code Council (ICC).  As ICC President, Stuart has worked to tirelessly to represent the code official membership while seeking to expand ICC’s global reach.  Our CALBO Building Official of the Year in 2006, Stuart is an exemplar of our profession and with great pride, we honor him with Lifetime Honorary Membership. 

Congratulations to all!

For a complete list of CALBO Award Recipients from years past, please visit the Award and Hall of Fame page located on the CALBO website.