From the Desk of Shane Diller, CALBO President

E-mail blast

Dear Friend of CALBO,

As you know, 2020 has left its mark on us all. I can tell you, when I pictured my CALBO presidency, invoking problem-solving skills with the Board and Staff on an hourly basis was not what I had in mind. But with this work, CALBO has been able to operate 100% on budget without diminishing services to our members. Through this entire pandemic, we have persevered and are stronger for it as an organization.

However; CALBO heavily relies upon our training revenue to fund all of our services. From professional development, legislative advocacy, chapter support and outreach, and of course our administration, nearly 80% of our revenue comes from education and training. Our upcoming Education Week 2020 in Newport Beach is on track to be an unparalleled event for the history books, but we need your support.

Online training was a little new to me, and I didn’t think I would love it. As much as I prefer the camaraderie of a traditional Education Week, the virtual model is not half bad.  It’s convenient, efficient, cost effective and it stretches our tight training budgets a bit further. As CALBO President, this is my humble request to our community:  please support CALBO by sending your staff to our training. 

CALBO will not host an Education Week again until Fall 2021 when we are able to (hopefully) return to in-person gatherings in Ontario and San Ramon. This is your last opportunity to receive quality, renown CALBO training into the foreseeable future. 

Registration for the Education Week 2020 event is available until tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9.  There are also some opportunities to still attend in-person, which you will find at the same website.  There are also some helpful resources that outline how our virtual model of training is a little different than you may be expecting. 

Your time and support of CALBO is greatly appreciated. If you have not done so, please consider supporting CALBO through your participation at CALBO Education Week 2020. I hope to see you there, either on screen or in person.  Thank you for your consideration.

Shane Diller
City of Elk Grove