ICC Board of Directors Elections – CALBO Endorsements

E-mail blast

Dear CALBO Colleague,

As you may know, each year CALBO has the opportunity to interview International Code Council (ICC) Board of Directors candidates in-person through our affiliation with the Western Pacific League of Building Officials.  Last week, CALBO interviewed interested ICC Board Candidates and made the following endorsements for the ICC Board of Directors.   

Stuart Tom (California) – President 

David Spencer (Washington)  – Vice President  

Mike Boso (Ohio) – Secretary/Treasurer 

Jim Sayers (Oregon) – Secretary/Treasurer 

Andre Jaen (Colorado) – Section C Director (First Term)

Blake Steiner (Louisiana) – Section F Director (First Term)

Ron Clements (Virginia) – At Large Director (First Term)

Steve McDaniel (New York) – At Large Director (Re-Election)

Mike Savage (Florida) – At-Large Director (Re-Election)

Many of our members and industry colleagues will be traveling to St. Louis, Missouri to participate in the ICC annual conference in October.  Elections for the ICC Board of Directors will take place Monday, October 9 starting at 8:00am in the America’s Center.  

This is a full and complete list of all CALBO endorsements.  In some instances, deference has been made to the ICC Nominating Committee and their pending decisions and nominations.  CALBO puts significant time and effort into vetting candidates for the ICC Board, seeking to only endorse the very best amongst our profession.  We hope that this slate of endorsed candidates will be of value to other organizations considering endorsements in addition to those attending ICC’s annual conference.