Interested in Representing CALBO on a League of CA Cities Policy Committee?

E-mail blast

Dear CALBO Member,

As you may know, CALBO collaborates closely with the League of California Cities whenever possible on items of shared interest and public policy.  Our goals are aligned as representatives of California local government, which is why the League offers non-voting/ex-officio seats on four of its internal policy committees:  

Environmental Quality
Housing, Community & Economic Development
Public Safety
Transportation, Communications, & Public Works

The CALBO Board makes the appointment of one CALBO representative to each of these committees.  Our membership has much to offer in each of these areas, and the CALBO Board wants to open up the opportunity for appointment to each committee to our members.

The commitment for each committee is limited to a one-year appointment, although you may be reappointed subject to the discretion of CALBO and the League of California Cities. Both organizations take participation and attendance at the meetings very seriously, so please, only accept appointment if you are able to avail the time.  CALBO will cover the applicable direct travel costs associated with attending the meetings as a CALBO representative.  Each committee meets on average 2-3 times per year, in person, for a one-day meeting.  More information on the policy committees can be found here

Should you be interested in serving on one of these committees as a non-voting/ex-officio member and CALBO representative, please send the following to CALBO‚Äôs Executive Director Matt Wheeler. 

1. Letter of interest and background in serving.  Please be sure to specify which committee you are interested in appointment.
2. A current resume/CV

Please send these two items no later than Friday, February 8, 2019 for appointment consideration.  Thank you for your interest in serving as a CALBO representative to the League of California Cities policy committees.