Upcoming CTI Courses in Your Region!

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Have you visited the CALBO Training Dates and Registration page recently? 

The CALBO Training Institute is offering almost a dozen courses throughout the Golden State these next few months. These courses are not only technically insightful and proficient, but each are developed by our expert instructors who provide real-life experiences that are encountered on a daily basis in the building-safety environment. Courses include:

- 2019 California Building Code: Significant Changes in Moreno Valley and Richmond
- 2019 California Residential Code: Significant Changes in Moreno Valley
2019 CBC Chapter 11A: Privately-Funded Multi-Family Dwelling Accessibility in San Jose
2019 CBC Chapter 11B Accessibility in Public Buildings, Public Accommodations, and Commercial Buildings: History, Use and Updates in Alhambra and Garden Grove
- 2019 California Plumbing and Mechanical Code: Significant Changes in Irvine
- Safety Assessment Program: Evaluator Training in Alhambra
- The Essentials for Permit Technicians in Corona

For more information and to register for a course, please visit the CALBO Training Dates and Registration page. 

If you are interested in hosting a future CTI training event at your jurisdiction, please contact the CALBO Office or by phone at 916-457-1103. Collaborative opportunities are available.