Updated Model Code Development Resources

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CALBO takes pride in the statewide efforts of local ICC Chapters seeking to engage in the model code development process. CALBO continues to update its Model Code Development page to share and disseminate collaborative documents. A special thank you to ICC Los Angeles Basin Chapter Administration Committee – Code Coordination Effort (“LABC-AC”) for providing updated documents and the input and collaboration from the East Bay Chapter, Monterey Bay Chapter, Peninsula Chapter, Sacramento Valley Chapter, San Diego Chapter, Ventura Chapter, and CalChiefs Fire Prevention Officers.

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The ICC Los Angeles Basin Chapter Administration Committee – Code Coordination Effort (“LABC-AC”) has continued to take the lead to facilitate and strengthen code coordination efforts among the various participating chapters, organizations, and jurisdictions in California (“CA”). It is the LABC-AC’s goal to increase collaboration in code change proposals to ensure that the voices of all CA Governmental Member Voting Representatives (“GMVR”) are uniform and consistent making CA once again a leader in the code development process.

CALBO strongly urges all code officials to engage in the code development and change processes. Although CALBO focuses on state policy and rarely submits proposed changes to the model code-making bodies, we want to strengthen and share collaborative efforts on behalf of California code officials. By sharing these resources on our website, CALBO is not endorsing or soliciting positions on any proposal; rather, these are provided for your knowledge to encourage you to take your own position based on the information provided.

For any questions or concerns regarding the information provided above, please contact the CALBO Office or by phone at 916-457-1103.