Energy Commission Advisory Committee

The objective of the CALBO Energy Commission Advisory Committee is to serve as a liaison between local building departments and the CEC. By doing so, the committee provides input to the CEC and its consultants on code development, enforcement and feasibility. Likewise, the Committee develops tools and presentations to aid local building departments with new and existing energy standards. Committee participation varies according to CEC activities, however most of the work of the committee is conducted via teleconference. 

Committee Goals

  1. Collaborate with CEC staff and other organizations involved to reformat the Energy Code to be consistent with the other parts of Title 24.
  2. Develop, assist in the development of, or promote a handout explaining the residential PV requirements that have been approved for inclusion in the 2019 Standards.
  3. Maintain consistent involvement in and provide input to the California Energy Code Workshops throughout the year via attendance, phone calls and comments to the docket.
  4. Write two articles on the committee progress for the CALBO News.