Innovative Practices


Innovative Practices Committee

With information and electronic tools evolving on a daily basis, the charge of the CALBO Innovation & Technology Committee shall be to link the membership to current technological advancements and innovations. Using the CALBO six-point policy and mission, members of the committee shall seek to encourage the technological evolution of the local building department.

Committee Goals

  1. Develop a guide on how to prepare for, acquire and implement technologies in building & safety departments.
  2. Identify issues with the implementation of cloud-based permit systems.
  3. Develop paperless processes at building & safety departments.
  4. Present at Building & Safety Technologies held at the International Code Council Annual Conference on October 21, 2019.
  5. Explore innovative practice topics for CALBO Independent Offerings and News Article publications.
  6. Present on innovative practices (IPC 2019 final product) at the CALBO 58th Annual Business Meeting.