CALBO’s Seismic Policy


As a California based organization of local government officials, seismology and the understanding of seismic resiliency are important to our professional charge and mission as Building Officials. Understanding the need to safeguard the built environment is something we take seriously as California Building Officials. We support the prudent and innovative adoption of advanced seismic resiliency initiatives when offered through the regulatory process and in an enforceable, adoptable and fiscally feasible manner. Such methods must take into account the diversity reflected within the geographic boundaries, personnel, charge and overall capacities of our members.

A fundamental tenant of our organization is the acceptance that our membership is highly diverse and represent myriad unique municipalities. California is home to many geographically distinct regions, and as such, statewide policies must represent this nuance. Further; seismic policy should be adopted with an understanding of the unique circumstances posed by our diverse geography. We do not support statewide, compulsory mandates that do not consider our geographic uniqueness, capabilities and the diverse needs of local building departments. As such, these types of policy decisions are best adopted by ordinance through the local city or county. Accordingly; California Building Officials is supportive of model ordinance adoptions as a basis for local cities or counties to adopt if supported by their communities at the local level only.

Prudent seismic policies that are not universally applied, take consideration to initial and ongoing funding sources and labor elements, and are aligned with our charge as Building Officials will be supported by California Building Officials.