Proposed Changes to the Constitution and Bylaws of the California Building Officials
Summation of Changes


Editorial Summary & Adoption Process

As CALBO moved forward from the pandemic, it was observed that many provisions within the current CALBO bylaws have become antiquated or difficult to follow based upon today’s Building Official and their professional environment.  

Seeking to respond and ensure the organization’s ability to efficiently and effectively function moving forward, the CALBO Board of Directors appointed an ad-hoc Bylaws Review & Ratification Committee. This committee was composed of two current CALBO officers, three Past Presidents, and two members of the senior staff. The committee met multiple times in 2022 and made recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding large-scale changes to the current CALBO Bylaws.

Following a full legal review by CALBO’s attorney, the proposed bylaw changes were presented to the CALBO Board of Directors.  The Board approved these drafted changes on December 19, 2022 and subsequently offer to the membership for consideration in advance of the 61st Annual Business Meeting. A presentation by the Board of Directors will take place on March 6, 2023 with a vote of the membership to follow on March 7 in San Diego. Should the members present support these proposed changes, ballots will be sent out to all voting members to ratify the proposed changes. These changes would become effective in 2023, but would not be fully implemented until the elections held at the 62nd Annual Business Meeting and 2024-25 membership year.

The CALBO Bylaws were adopted in 1962 and have only been changed eight times in those sixty years. This set of bylaws have served the organization well and were crafted with the spirit of intent and interpretation in mind.  All proposed changes have been crafted with this similar spirit with a desire to see these bylaws successfully serve CALBO over the next sixty plus years.