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Building a Safe and Healthy Future through Education

The concept for California Building Officials Training Institute (CTI) was developed in 1986 by CALBO to provide professional advancement and continuing education opportunities for the building codes enforcement and trades community. All CTI courses emphasize the knowledge and skills needed to enforce building regulations in California. 

Types of Offerings Available

Independent Offerings

CTI provides monthly courses throughout the state. These courses reflect the needs of the surrounding jurisdictions and the relevance of code updating. Please review the CTI course request form and course list for the current listing of independent offerings available. There are three different request options to fit your training needs.

Education Weeks

Every year, CTI strives to provide at least three weeks of highly requested courses – one week in Northern California and two weeks in Southern California. For the first time, CTI will be offering four weeks of highly requested courses to the 2019 Education weeks. With it being a code change year, CTI knows the importance of getting all your staff members to the enriched training available. These dates are as followed: Education Week: Newport Beach is held August 26-29, Education Week: San Ramon is held September 9-12, Education Week: Ontario is held October 14-17, Education Week: Burlingame is held December 16-19. Please review the CTI Training Registration page for more information.

CTI Course Request Form and Course List – Click to Download

Please email Lauren Herman, CALBO Director of Training and Communications, with any training questions or requests. Submissions accepted year-round.