2023-24 CALBO Membership Program
Don't Forget to Renew!


If you have not renewed for the 2023-24 California Building Officials Membership Year – there’s still time! Please take the opportunity to renew now! The next membership year starts April 1, 2024.

Founded in 1962, CALBO is a nonprofit professional association of city and county building departments and industry representatives. Our mission is to promote public health and safety in building construction through responsible legislation, education, and building code development. On behalf of the 95% of California cities and counties, we welcome you to our community.

CALBO membership benefits are many, including:

- CALBO News - a bi-monthly newsletter with information on legislation, statewide job opportunities, and association and state agency news.
- CALBO.org - an up-to-date informative website.
- Discounts on the Annual Business Meeting, Education Weeks, training seminars, and publications.
- Representation before the Legislature and state regulatory agencies.
- The opportunity to serve on policy-making committees.
- Recognition as a leading California code professional.
- Low advertising rates in CALBO News and on our website.
- Full-time professional management and so much more!

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For any questions regarding the information provided above, please contact the CALBO Office or by phone at 916.457.1103.