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Want to enhance your understanding of Chapters 11A and 11B to effectively address real-world scenarios? Attend this webinar tomorrow. Back by popular demand!

Navigating the Code and Addressing Challenges: Vital Topics in Housing for Chapters 11A and 11B

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 – TOMORROW
10:00am – 12:00pm
ICC PP Course No. 39280 - 0.2 CEUs
AIA Course No. 11: 2023 - 2 LU | HSWs

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The California Building Code regulations for housing can be challenging to navigate and enforce. This webinar delves into important aspects of Chapters 11A and 11B, highlighting essential topics for compliance by addressing common questions that have arisen in previous CALBO trainings. Join us as we navigate the complexities together, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge to enhance your understanding of Chapters 11A and 11B to address issues effectively in real-world scenarios. Building officials, accessibility plan reviewers, accessibility inspectors, public works inspectors, designers, architects, and contractors are encouraged to attend.