Article I
Name and Purpose


Section 1.

This organization shall be known as California Building Officials (“CALBO”).

Section 2.

In conjunction with the purposes set forth in CALBO’s Articles of Incorporation, as amended, the principles and purposes of this organization are as follows:

A.     This organization shall promote building safety through the construction and maintenance of a safe, accessible, energy-efficient, and sustainable built environment through outreach, education, code development and enforcement.

B.     This organization through its educational arm, the CALBO Training Institute, shall develop, promote, andadminister quality continuing education and professional development programs for the purpose of enhancing building safety.

C.    This organization shall analyze and engage in legislation and report its findings and recommendations to members, legislators, and other stakeholders.

D.    This organization may study, coordinate, prepare and support proposals for amendments to the model codes and standards.

E.    The organization may participate in the development of state regulations that supplement or augment the model codes or address regional issues not serviced by the model codes organizations.

F.     This organization shall provide membership representation at the State and Federal level and shall represent local government on pending State and Federal legislation and standards development.

G.    This organization shall promote professional relations among all organizations involved in building design, construction, and enforcement, for the purpose of enhancing shared goals in building safety, community benefit, and economic vitality.

H.    This organization shall be non-partisan and shall not be used directly or indirectly for the dissemination of partisan principles or for the promotion of the candidacy of any person seeking public office or preference.