Article I
Name and Objective


Section 1 - This organization shall be known as California Building Officials.

California Building Officials (CALBO) was founded in 1962 to promote and further the profession of the local California Building Official. With time and achievement, the organization has become the advocate and representative of not only the local California Building Official, but of local building departments, local government entities, and public safety and code enforcement officials.

CALBO is defined by its active and vigilant members, who serve on policy committees, conduct community outreach, respond to natural or man made disasters as it relates to the built environment, promote prudent public policy, unite stakeholder professions and train the next generation of building department leadership.

CALBO, under the direction of a committed Board of Directors, is dedicated to public service and safety. Our mission is to ensure the welfare of those who live within and visit the state of California by enforcing innovative, advanced and proven regulations, codes and standards.

Section 2 - The principles and objectives of this organization are as follows:

A. This organization shall promote the construction and maintenance of a safe, accessible and energy efficient built environment through outreach, education, code development and enforcement.

B. This organization through its educational arm, the CALBO Training Institute, shall develop, promote and administer quality continuing education and certification programs for the purpose of enhancing building safety and legislative application.

C. This organization shall provide membership representation at the State and National level, and shall represent local government on pending State and National legislation and standards development. This organization shall study and analyze legislation and report its findings and recommendations to members, legislators, and other concerned persons or organizations.

D. This organization shall promote professional relations among all organizations involved in building design, construction and enforcement, for the purpose of enhancing shared goals in building safety, community benefit, and economic vitality.

E. This organization shall not enter the field of production or publication of codes in competition with the model codes group.

The organization may study and prepare proposals for amendments to the model codes; however, submittals or endorsement of submittals to the model codes organizations shall not be made in the name of CALBO, or a committee thereof, unless approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

The organization may participate, through members appointed by a majority of the Board of Directors, in the development of state regulations that supplement or augment the model codes or address regional issues not serviced by the model codes organizations.

F. This organization shall be non-partisan and shall not be used directly or indirectly for the dissemination of partisan principles or for the promotion of the candidacy of any person seeking public office or preference.

G. This organization recognizes that there are unique areas in the State of California where problems are better resolved locally or on an area basis. We hold that the state should establish minimum standards of safety rather than develop codes and believe in the concept of uniformity, and that, in general, building regulations can best be enforced and administered at a local level.