Article V
Organizational Committees


Section 1.  Executive Committee

The Officers shall serve as an Executive Committee, which is empowered to take action on the Board of Director’s behalf only on matters of an emergency nature between Board meetings.

Section 2.  Nominations Committee

There shall be a Nominations Committee chaired by the Immediate Past President and consisting of members of this organization set forth in Article II who shall be appointed by the President.  The Board of Directors shall establish policies governing the Nominations Committee and the conduct of elections.  The Nominations Committee shall have no more than one Governmental Voting Member or Honorary Member from any Governmental Member jurisdiction. 

Section 3.  Ethics Committee

Any Director and/or Committee member who has demonstrated by their action, either publicly or privately, that they are not acting in the best organizational interest of CALBO, or the profession that CALBO represents, and/or is in direct violation of CALBO’s Code of Ethics, can be removed, with cause, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the Ethics Committee.

 Ethics Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors, as needed, to act as an Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors and the membership of this organization when and if any ethical accusations, questions/issues, and/or concerns are submitted to the Board of Directors or the Ethics Committee.

Section 4.  Additional Committees

The Board of Directors may establish any additional committees as it shall deem advisable.  The President shall, with the concurrence of the Board of Directors, appoint or replace members of committees not otherwise specifically provided for herein.