Article XII
Executive Director


Section 1.  

Employment. The Board of Directors may select an Executive Director who employs or causes to be employed, such other persons as may be necessary for the operations of the organization who need not be a member of this organization.  These employees are under the direction and supervision of the Executive Director unlike the employees appointed under Article IV, Section 3 of these Bylaws who are under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors.

Section 2.  

Specific Duties. The Executive Director performs or causes to be performed the following functions under the oversight of the Board of Directors:

A.       Assistant to Secretary. These duties include: in coordination with the Secretary/ Treasurer, to keep a full and complete record of the proceedings of the Board of Directors, to give such notices as may be proper and necessary, to keep minute books for this organization, and to communicate the actions of the Board of Director to the membership; to execute such instruments necessary to carry out Board directives and policies; and to comply with other record-keeping and reporting requirements of the California Nonprofit Corporation Law.

B.       Chief Financial Officer. These duties include: in coordination with the Secretary/ Treasurer, to take charge of and custody of and receive, safeguard, disburse and account for all this organization’s funds, to deposit and invest such funds in such institutions and investments as approved by the Board of Directors, to maintain this organization’s financial books and records, and to prepare and submit such accounting and tax forms as may be required by local, State and Federal law.