CALBO Committee Update
Important Announcement for New Membership Year


A special thanks to the CALBO Committee Members this past year. It was a challenging year to stay on task and manage professionally and personally, but each Committee did its best to ensure the progression of goals despite the challenges of COVID-19. 

Committees hold the great responsibility of moving our organization forward within prominent issues affecting our industry. To continue their momentum of past goals and projects, CALBO Board of Directors is freezing current committee appointments for the upcoming 2021-22 CALBO Membership Year starting on April 1. Each Committee Chair and Member have been notified with an email from President Shane Diller.

Committees are asked to continue business as usual by meeting regularly, creating resources, and providing up-to-date information for the benefit of our organization. CALBO Committee applications for the 2022-23 CALBO membership year will open in early 2022.

On behalf of the CALBO Board of Directors, a special thanks to all Committee Chairs and Members for their efforts and dedicated service!

If you have any questions about this announcement or your committee assignment(s), please contact the CALBO Office or by phone at 916-457-1103.