CALBO Emergency Preparedness Resources and Support
Standing by Communities Affected by California Wildfires


The CALBO Emergency Preparedness Committee is deeply saddened by these devastating fires and we send our thoughts and prayers to all those affected and our first responders. Our team is supporting the Camp, Hill and Woosley Fires affected communities by offering Safety Assessment, administrative and strategic planning tools and hints from our own personal first hand experience. Every event that we respond to brings more comprehensive insight into the tools, training and strategies that Building Officials need to protect and support their communities.  Some communities remain in a fire “Response” phase of emergency management, awaiting the fire authorities release and approval for safety assessments to begin. While others, have entered into the “Recovery” phase and are conducting safety assessments and developing expedited demolition and rebuild permit strategies. Regardless of the phase of the emergency operations, most of these communities rely on assistance from you – the professionals of unaffected communities that have trained and prepared to be there in these times of need.  

In addition to the direct and personal support CALBO has offered the affected agencies facing these tragic circumstances, CALBO’s website contains resources and guides for emergency preparedness, disaster response, and post disaster recovery and permitting. Please visit the CALBO Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery page located in the Resources tab on the CALBO Website for more information. 

If you have any questions, please contact the CALBO Office or 916-457-1103.