CALBO Job Board


The CALBO Job Board offers unbeatable pricing for job advertising.  As an added member benefit, all CALBO members receive the first three lines of their job advertisements for FREE ($45 discount)!

To view or submit a job advertisement on the CALBO Job Board, please visit

Pricing: $15 per line (55-60 characters per line).
Please note that payment for the CALBO Job Board is due prior to the first month of posting.

How to post a job advertisement:

  1. Visit the CALBO Job Board advertisement form:
  2. Fill in the necessary fields with your job ad information.
  3. Click “Submit”.
  4. Log in with your username and password.  (Please note: you must have a CALBO username and password before creating a job advertisement.  To create a log-in, please click here and follow the instructions.  Don’t forget to select your jurisdiction/company.  Both members and non-members must create a username and password in order to post to the CALBO Job Board.)
  5. Select payment option for submission.
  6. Once submitted, please allow 24 hours to process your ad and post it online.

For any questions regarding the CALBO Job Board, please contact the CALBO office.