Capitol Corner Update
Final Stretch of the 2023-2024 Legislative Session!


We are in the final stretch of the 2023-2024 Legislative Session! 

The Summer Recess is fast approaching which will be a short reprieve in July before the California State Legislature kicks into high gear during ‘End of Session’ in August. 

The proposed bills still need to clear their assigned policy committees before moving to fiscal committee in the second house. This must happen before July 3, 2024. This time is our last best chance to substantively alter legislative proposals. 

This deadline signifies one of the final hurdles for legislation as it makes its way to the Floor of each house for a final vote of the chamber and then ultimately heads to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk for his signature or veto. 

The Legislative Calendar and its associated deadlines can be found here.

CALBO has been actively engaging with Legislative Offices, Committee Staff and our Coalition Partners to alter the shape and content of our legislative priorities.

Here is a quick update on a few of those items:

AB 2557 (Ortega) & AB 2489 (Ward) CALBO joined a large opposition coalition comprised of local governments and non-profit entities standing against reporting requirements jurisdictions would have to undergo when contracting out for services. This would place an unnecessary burden on departments contending with a workforce shortage. AB 2489 did not advance past the Assembly Appropriations Committee’s Suspense Hearing and is effectively dead, while AB 2557 continues to move through the Senate. For further reading, this is an article about the ongoing efforts with AB 2557.

SB 1465 (Archuleta) CALBO has provided support to an effort that will expand substandard conditions to properties irrespective of their zoning. This bill is a reintroduction and has cleared the fiscal committee where it previously died, which is a tremendous sign, as the bill contents have been approved by the Assembly in its prior iteration.

AB 2433 (Quirk-Silva) CALBO has steadfastly opposed a bill that would have taken away a building department’s ability to check plans and do inspections by enabling development proponents to hire third-party consultants. The bill has been pared down to require plan check to be completed in 30 days whether by the building department or through a contracted employee – which provides that sacrifices would likely need to be made in reviewing health and safety items. This bill was pulled from its hearing and will likely be amended again before it is presented.

ACR 201 (Alanis) a resolution requested by CALBO was approved by the legislature declaring May as Building Safety Month in California. This resolution honors the critical work you all do to ensure health and safety while reviewing plans, issuing permits and performing inspections. The introduction coincided with CALBO’s Leadership & Advocacy Day where industry professionals visited Sacramento to meet with their elected representatives and discuss our legislative priorities.

CALBO remains dedicated to its mission to promote health and safety in the built environment through responsible legislation. We regularly provide feedback and technical assistance to policymakers as they contend with proposals so that they better understand the existing process within Building Departments.

As the session ends, we are closely monitoring the items before the legislature and meaningfully engaging in the process to ensure that your day-to-day flexibility is not impeded by the legislation coming out of the Capitol. 

I continue to be honored to represent CALBO and provide your perspective to the legislature. If you have any questions at all or would otherwise like to connect, please e-mail me at