Contractor Licensing Fundamentals for Counter Technicians
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Online Webinar – 0.2 CEUs

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10:00am – 12:00pm
ICC PP Course No. 37545 - 0.2 CEUs

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This webinar offers a comprehensive exploration of the various roles and responsibilities surrounding the issuance of permits. In this course, permit technicians will gain the necessary knowledge and tools to determine who can pull what permits and comprehend the legal implications associated with permit procurement. Attendees gain an in-depth understanding of the contractor licensing regulations, and exemptions, as well as the verification process managed by the California State Licensing Board (CSLB). This webinar explores key topics related to the CSLB and its vital role in regulating contractors, ensuring public safety, and maintaining industry standards. Gaining proficiency in CSLB regulations enables permit technicians to understand the contractor’s role and the scope of their permissible actions, leading to increased efficiency at the counter. Owner-builder exemptions and requirements will be covered in detail. Attendance is strongly encouraged for counter staff at all levels.

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