Gain the Resilience Advantage – New Webinar on Wednesday, October 20
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We’re seeing the severe economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Imagine how much worse it could be if a major earthquake hit California’s urban areas.

The human toll in terms of deaths and injuries could be staggering. Collapsed buildings and infrastructure could take years – even decades – to fully replace. Much of our housing could be destroyed. Many businesses would likely never reopen.

Avoiding this terrible scenario is the purpose of The Resilience Advantage webinar series. A coalition of leading business organizations is now in its fourth year of providing educational programming to assist business and community leaders to prepare for natural disasters.

These webinars will bring you informative conversations with leading experts in many disciplines on relevant and timely topics, emerging issues, and concerns in communication, developments in the profession, our community, and more.

“Earthquake Threats in California” is the next webinar in The Resilience Advantage series. 

California’s earthquake threats stretch north from San Diego to Eureka and from the Pacific to our eastern border. In between, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many smaller communities await the Big One. Knowing the risks facing all Californians can enable us to become better prepared and more resilient before the next major quake strikes. Watch the next Resilience Advantage webinar to learn more on Wednesday, October 20.

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